Homer Glen Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry can transform teeth into an absolutely beautiful work of art. A brighter, bolder, and more attractive beam can make you look younger, more vibrant, and improve your self-confidence! After all, recent studies have shown that people with straight, white teeth are perceived as more intelligent and trustworthy than their peers. With cosmetic dentistry from the skilled Homer Glen team at the dental office of Dr. Alan R. De Angelo, you can let your smile and personality shine.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Dr. De Angelo's Dental Office

Your cosmetic dentistry treatment will depend on what’s right for your individual needs. Porcelain veneers can create the look of an even row of teeth, and Invisalign clear braces shift teeth into their proper place for a healthy and beautiful outcome. Crown and bridge services work well to replenish teeth that have been extracted or knocked out, and dental implants are used to recreate teeth down to the very root. Professional teeth whitening lifts stains and brightens your overall look. Dr. De Angelo will work with you at our Homer Glen dentist practice to effectively meet each of your preferences to create your ideal image. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our Homer Glen practice.

A Note from Dr. De Angelo on the Winning Combination

"With a winning combination of technique, technology, and the finest porcelains available, I have been crafting some of the most beautiful smiles you'll ever see. It has taken many hours of Continuing Education, including learning more about advanced techniques such as gingival recontouring, laser sculpting and deep bleaching.  In addition, I’ve mastered the art of working with electric handpieces for smooth preparations, experimentation with various blends of porcelains at some of the nation's finest dental labs, and utilizing modern metal-free and quality alloy materials to get the beautiful smile you deserve. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have a steady hand, advanced knowledge of the dentition, and the ability to color match your existing teeth or create a new, whiter, brighter smile.

The "WOW" Factor

Nice looking teeth were not enough for me. I have done high quality cosmetic dentistry for years but what was lacking was the "WOW" Factor. You know, the smile that makes you do a double take; the bright, beaming type of smile that catches your attention and the admiration of those around you. I’ve truly found it and my patients love it. Hugs, thank yous, handshakes, and even tears of joy have become commonplace at my office and have not only enriched the lives of my patients, but my life, too. Beautiful smiles: they're contagious.

Don't take my word for it, though. Come into my office and ask to see some of our before and after photographs. I'll let my work speak for itself. You'll be happy you did.

Changing lives…one smile at a time,” - Alan R. De Angelo, DDS.

Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment . Dr. De Angelo sees patients for cosmetic dentistry consultation and treatments from Homer Glen, Lemont, Orland Park, Lockport, and other Illinois towns. If you would like to learn more about every service that Town Square Dental provides, take a look at our services page! Dr. De Angelo and our Homer Glen team are ready to help you transform your image with quality cosmetic dentistry.