Dentures For Homer Glen Patients

It’s never easy to face problems relating to missing teeth. Whether your teeth were knocked out, extracted, or have simply fallen out, it’s important to your self-esteem and the function of your mouth to replace absent teeth. With today’s technology and continually-improving techniques, people don't have to live with the frustration and embarrassment of missing teeth. Compassionate and skilled dentist Dr. Alan R. De Angelo can provide implant restorations, fixed bridges, and partial or full dentures to Homer Glen patients. Call the dental office of Dr. De Angelo to schedule your appointment for a new and improved smile.

Will Dentures Look Fake?

Today’s dentures look completely natural, and improvements in the flexibility of dental materials make them more comfortable than ever. Some of our Homer Glen patients prefer dental implant-retained dentures, called overdentures, the dependable alternative to adhesive-secured dentures.

Which Type Of Dentures Are Best For Me?

Dr. De Angelo will assess your unique case, and then he'll recommend the best replacement option for your missing teeth. He may suggest dental implantsfixed bridges, partial or full cosmetic dentures depending on your physical condition and your goals for this restorative dentistry at our Homer Glen dentist office.

Partials and dentures are made of prosthetic teeth anchored to a gum-colored base. A partial replaces multiple teeth by fitting with existing teeth, much like a jigsaw puzzle. Full dentures replace all teeth on an upper or lower jaw. A bridge is very similar in look and feel to a partial denture, but while dentures and partial dentures are removable, a fixed bridge stays anchored within your smile.

Usually, partials stay in place with clasps, while dentures require adhesive cream for security. However, if you would prefer a partial or denture that will not slip out of place, an overdenture may be your best option. Adequate bone tissue and good oral health are required prior to dental implant placement. Dr. De Angelo can help you determine the best option for your case.

Call today to schedule an appointment for dentures or a partial. Dr. De Angelo fits many patients for dentures or partial dentures, including those from Homer Glen, Lockport, Lemont, Orland Park, and other Illinois towns. To check out other services we offer to help patients replace their teeth, go to our services page. Dr. Alan R. De Angelo and our Homer Glen team look forward to helping you recover your functioning bite and your beautiful smile.