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Tooth Extractions – Homer Glen, IL

Removing Severely Damaged Teeth & Restoring Your Smile’s Health

a person holding their tooth and face

While Dr. Alan DeAngelo does everything he can to save teeth, there are certain situations in which it may be best for your oral health to extract a tooth that has been severely damaged or is causing pain. Fortunately, even if you require this treatment, we offer lifelike dental implants that can replace one or more teeth, all while maintaining the natural function and appearance of your smile. To learn more about tooth extractions in Homer Glen, call our office today!

Why Choose DeAngelo Dental of Homer Glen for Tooth Extractions?

  • Free Dental Implant Consultations
  • Advanced Diagnostic Dental Technology
  • Dentist Recognized as Top Doc Chicago

Why are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

a person holding their face due to a toothache

While tooth extractions are generally our last recommendation when it comes to ensuring the health of your smile, we often recommend them when:

  • A tooth is severely infected beyond what could be treated with root canal therapy.
  • A tooth is cracked or damaged and can’t be repaired.
  • The supportive bone and gum tissue around a tooth has been severely deteriorated as a result of gum disease.
  • A tooth needs to be removed to make enough room in your mouth to undergo orthodontic treatment and correct crowding.
  • A cavity has damaged a tooth beyond what could be repaired with a filling.

The Process of Removing a Tooth

a pair of dental forceps holding a molar

Dr. DeAngelo provides comfortable, streamlined simple tooth extractions on teeth that are located above the gumline. He’ll use an instrument called an elevator to gently lift the affected tooth out of the socket and grasp it with a pair of dental forceps. He’ll carefully wiggle the forceps to help the tooth disconnect from any tissues so it can easily slip out of the socket. Before we conduct this treatment, if necessary, we’ll inject a local anesthetic into the area to completely numb it so you don’t feel any pain.  

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

a person speaking with their dentist

We’ll provide you a detailed outline of aftercare instructions before your treatment to ensure that you make a speedy and complication-free recovery. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Avoid spitting, drinking through a straw, and using tobacco products for at least the first 48 hours. These could lead to dry socket by dislodging the blood clot, causing pain.
  • Maintain a soft diet, eating foods like soup, mashed potatoes, Jello, and yogurt.
  • Take any prescribed or recommended over-the-counter medications to control your discomfort following your treatment.
  • Keep your head elevated while you sleep to minimize swelling.